Monday, February 04, 2002

I'm not sure what I think about this marketing strategy of creating an obscure name for your product ("mlife," "ing", etc. ), then trying to create interest in people to find just what the heck it is. By the time I saw the fifth of these ads, I has stopped caring waht mlife is, I was convinced I didn't need it, and would be happy not thear from it again. After all, if I'm going to find this product so useful, it seems like the advertisers would be able to tell me how, rather than create this false buzz about what the name is referring to.

Other commercial comments -- Anheuser-Busch wan once again excellent. They seem to have a knack for creating likable characters, and using them just long enough that the public doesn't get tired of them. The "How ya doin'" commercial with the guy who gave a long answer was quite amusing.

I'm beginning to think Britney Spears has jumped the shark. It just seems like Pepsi's annual big budget ads, including this year's "retro" deal, keep descending further and further towards self-parody. Do kids really drink Pesi rather than Coke because Britney Spears drinks it or Bob Dole utters a funny line? I guess so, other wise they wouldn't do it.
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