Thursday, February 28, 2002

that the Church hiearchy has been lax in responding to charges of pedophilia.

Fr. Groeschel blams the culture of realativism that attacks the Church becuase it doesn't want to hear the Church's condemnation. I agree there's soom truth to that, by Dreher is one of of the more strident defenders of the Church's position on sexual moraility.

What's more troubling is that Fr. Groeschel reaches for the same excuses the relativists use -- "Well, we didn't know pedophilia was so bad," "well, we couldn't be sure the acusations were true,", "there were lawsuits to contend with," "you have to understand what the Church was dealing with." These excuses that are the hallmark of relativism!

I think the answer is to de-mystify the clergy. We've put these men up on a pedestal and given them too much power. If we are truly a "Body of Christ," we canot continue to let the clergy tell us that we can accept excuses for not punishing pedophilia, but not accept them for other sins.

Fr. Groeschel closes by pointing to the pronography on TV and the media. I agree this is a problem, but media outlets don't calim to be looking out for children's best interest. Our clergy are, and they should rightly be held to a higher standard. TV's and computers can be switched off, and their influence can be stifled with a solid foundation of teaching. A molesting priest who you have been trained all your life to trust cannot be silenced that easlily.
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