Thursday, February 28, 2002

Th big controversey on St. Louis radio is the latest firing of J.C. Corcoran, who is the Billy Martin, or Mike Keenan, or Connie Chung of St. Louis morning radio. He's been in town about 18 years, and hosted the morning show for about 10 different radio stations. Here's the usual pattern: Radio station with lousy morning numbers hires Corcoran. Station's morning numbers jump up, since Corocoran has a fan base that will follow him around the dial. After about a year or so, the station decides that the numbers aren't worth the money and aggravation he brings, and they dump him. Then the pattern repeats itself on another station. To be fair, sometimes Corcoran is dumped because the station changes it's format, and Corcoran is no longer a good fit. That's partly what happened to him this time.

Anyway, it was interesting this morning because another radio station had him on where he was whining about how he has an unfair reputation for being obnoxious that is being advanced by a few people with personal vendettas against him, and if people really knew him, they'd know the reputation was false. If there's one thing more obnoxious then Corcoran, it's Corocoran whining about how unfair his reputation is. Plus, I don't buy the "if people really knw me..." defense. Corcoran has been on the radio 4+ hours a day, five days a week for most of 18 years. I think he's been sufficiently exposed to St. Louisans so they could form an informed opinion of him. Of course if Corcoran never whined about how unfair his reputation is, he'd lose half his material.

Meanwhile, on his old station, they had on the afternoon guy with thre rest of the folks who were in Corcoran's show. And they took calls with comments on the changes (they also tweaked their musical format a bit), and it was people complaining about how lousy it was that Corcoran got sacked.

Now, lots of people get laid off every day when their companies no longer find their services neccesary. Most don't get to get on the radio and whine about their misfortunes. Whether it's worth it for a music radio station to pay 6 figures for a controversial morning guy is a debatable point. Their decision not to isn't some travesty of justice.

As I guess you can tell, I never cared for Corcoran's show. I like to listen to music in the morning, and I like the music this station plays the rest of the day, so I'm glad they'll be playing music in the morning. I never saw the appeal of listening to a bunch of semi-talented hacks chat about last night's Cardinals game on my way to work. Plus, it seemed like Corcoran spent half his show either shilling his book or talking about who was going to be on the show the next day. The rest of the time was either spent with interviews with B-list celebrtities or defending Corcoran's reputation. Forgive me if the appeal is lost on me.

UPDATE: I think the Billy Martin comparison came from the St. Louis Post-Dipatch's review of Corcoran's book. The Mike Keenan and COnnie CHing comparisons are my own.
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