Tuesday, February 19, 2002


Matt Welch cites a key point in a Chicago Tribune interview with Ralph Nader...

Q. Would you have made an effective wartime president?
A. This war would never have happened had I been president, because for 30 years we have had an aviation safety group, and we have been urging the airlines to toughen cockpit doors and improve the strength of the locks, and they have been resisting for 30 years.

I can think of any number of reasons why this is false. Among them...

Yeah -- that would have stopped 'em! If we had tougher cockpit doors with locks, the terrorists couldn't have hijacked the planes, and would be so frustrated that they'd have given up completely on the idea of killing American civilians. It all could have been avoided with some stronger doors!

And Nader would have gotten those doors all installed in the first eight months of his presidency!

Never mind that the terrorists got the pilots out of the cockpit by killing the flight attendants. I guess the pilots would have been stopped by these doors in their attempts to stop the hijackers.

Urgh! --- I wonder who Nader thinks he's kidding.
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