Monday, February 18, 2002

Looking good: Sweden, US, Russia
Not looking good: Canada

I think a lot of the American players, especially Chirs Chelios, Brett Hulll, Keith Tckachuk, and Jeremy Roenick, have the feeling that they let a lot of people down with their performance on and off the ice in Nagano. And It hink they're working hard to do better this time. They've looked great on the ice.

I don't know what's with Canada. They look like they're more afraid to lose than eager to win.

About NBC's coverage -- there's got to be a better way to generate revenue than to try to squeeze a 30 second commercial in a 15 second break. Once yesterday during a commercial, play had resumed, a penalty had been called, the player had been sent to the box, play resumed again, and the puck was cleared before the commercial break was over. They're going to miss a goal soon, and look foolish for doing so.
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