Wednesday, February 27, 2002

I was confronted with my own sports bigamy in this year's NFL playofss. I grew up in South Jersey, and thus rooted for the Eagles. I moved to St. Louis, and it's pretty hard not to be a Rams fan living in St. Louis. They're an exciting team, they have great players who seem to be good guys, and they took us on a great ride two years ago just about when fans were starting to turn against them.

Of course, this year, the Rams played the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game, and I had to root for the Eagles. But I wasn't too disappointed when the Eagles lost that game, since I could still root for the Rams. Oddly, I probably would have been more distraught at the Super Bowl result if it were the Eagles losing rather than the Rams. So, if neither the Rams or the Eagles were going to win the Super Bowl, the way things played out was probably the best I could hope for, in terms of my own personal trauma.

Does this make me a "sports bigamist?" I don't know. Simmons's article doesn't cover what happens when you move, so I think I have a loophole.
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