Tuesday, February 05, 2002

The cloning debate really brings out the the worst in Glenn Reynolds. Here, he passes on a ridiculous parody of anti-cloning concerns.

Yes, cloning humans is exactly like harnessing fire, which is a part of nature. Get that? Nature did give us fire. Nature did not give us an ability to clone ourselves for replacement parts. These researches have apparently decided for us that we need it. Apparently it's too much to ask that they proceed cautiously and reflect the values of the rest of the people.

And nobody's advocating violence against these researchers, so the "big club" closing line is false. But I guess it wouldn't make the "caveman" anology complete without it, so it's included.

I know this opens me to criticism of "not having a sense of humor" but I don't think these strawman arguments do anything to advance disussion of these serious ethical issues. It's fun to make fun of your opposition, but don't think that it proves any kind of point.
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