Wednesday, January 16, 2002

What do I think of Wright?

I'm glad you asked. I think Wright makes a mistake in that sees the world through on issue -- interdependence. Any action that moves us towards greater interdependence is good; anything that moves us away from interedpendence is bad.

Interedependence is a noble goal, but it's not the only goal. If we establish a record of always cooperating with other nations, and always giving into their demands, then we are inviting them to take advantage of us. A case could be made that greater interdependence shoud be the #1 goal of US foreign policy. A case cannot be made that is should be the only goal.

What is interesting about Wright is that he presents his arguments in a manner that suggests that he appreciates nuances and complexities of foreign policy that are lost on naifs like President Bush and his supporters. The irony is that it is Wright who see things too simply. According to him, foreigners react in one of two ways to US foreign policy -- either they approve, and enter into greater interedependence with us, or they disapprove and grow in resentment that leads them to terrorist camps. There is no middle ground, no other reaction. Those who suggest that US policy may scare some would-be terrorists are foolish. Maybe it's this attitude that leads to Wright having so many vocal critics.
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