Friday, January 18, 2002

Playoff Predictions -- Winners and random predictions, usually having to do with the broadcast

  • Eagles at Bears
    I haven't seen to much of the Bears, so I'm writing from a little bit of ignorance. Still, I think Jeremiah Trotter is as good as any MLB in the league, including Urlacher. The teams seem pretty evenly matched at every position except one -- QB. That will be the difference

    Pick: Eagles

    Random Prediction:Dick Stockton, Tory Aikman and Darrel Johnston, doing what seems to be their 17th Eagles game in a a 16 game season will have a lot more information about the Eagles than the Bears. Heck, at this point, they may ride over on the Eagles' team bus.

  • Ravens at Steelers
    I'm not buying this whole "they've got the fire back" line we're being fed about the Ravens. Elvis Grbac is still Elvis Grbac, and when these teams last played in Baltimore, with first place on the line, the Steelers kicked the Ravens' butt all over the fields

    Pick: Steelers

    Random prediction: Between self-proclaimed genius and media hound Brian Billick, and stone-favced emotional Bill Cowher, plus prominent coordinators Marv Lewis and Matt Cavanaugh, this brodcast may set a new record fro coach sideline shots. This record will fall bay the wayside next year, when Steve Spurrier enters the league, with his "daggummit, why can't my QB execute my perfectly designed play?" reaction shots. Even moreso if Tony Banks is the Redskins' QB.

  • Raiders at Patriots
    I picked the Raiders to win the Super Bowl halfway through the season, and that prediction looked rather foolish last year. Still, an offense with a recuperated Charlie Garner, with RIch Gannon throwing to Jerry Rice and Tim Brown impresses me a lot more than the Patriots with Tom Brady. Hats off to Bill Bellichek, but the miracle season ends here.

    Pick: Raiders

    Random Prediction The Jerry Rice rejuvenation bandwagon will reach full stem this week, especially if Rice has another good game.

  • Packers at Rams
    Rams defense has proved capable of stopping solid offenses. Packers defense has not. Packers only chance is to win a wild shoot-out with the Rams, which seems like a losing strategy to me.

    Pick: Rams

    Random Prediction With posesssion being so critical, we'll see a lot more Ricky Proehl than Az Hakim in the Rams' offense.
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