Friday, January 25, 2002

Playoff Predictions

  • Patriots at Steelers
    The Patriots are a great story, but I haven't seen anything from them that indicates they can take on Pittsburgh.

    Pick Steelers

    Random Prediction: Jerome Bettis will not rush for 100 yards, but it won't matter as the Steelers spread the ball around.

  • Eagles at Rams

    Ah, the team I grew up with (I'm from South Jersey) versus my current home team (I live in St. Louis). I'll be rooting for the Eagles. I have to say the way the whole town here seems to be looking past the Eagles to the Super Bowl is a bit concerning. This is a team the Rams were lucky to get an OT win against in the first game of the year, and has a lot of momentum and an unpredictable QB. Though, all I hear are DJ's and newspeople planning New Orleans trips next week. It's almost enough to to make me...

    Pick: Rams (can't do it)

    Random Prediction: I couldn't pull the trigger on the upset pick because the Rams are the Eagles' equal or superior at every position, with a big edge at RB and WR. The only advantage I see the Eagles have is in special teams, or if they manage to knock Kurt Warner out of the game. Then, Donovan McNabb has a huge edge over Jaime Martin, who Mike Martz has stupidly managed to give almost no game experience to despite the Rams' routine blowout wins. So, for the Eagles to win they either need to make a big special teams play (maybe even 2), or knock Warner out of the game early.
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