Monday, January 28, 2002

Lisa Meyers had an interview with Ken Lay's wife. I've never much cared for Meyer's reporting. I found her "Truth Squad" features during last year's debates to be quite lacking in any information.

Anyway, Mrs. Lay's appearance most closely reminded me of Hillary Clinton's appearance on the same show when the Lewinsky scandal broke out. It's not our fault, it's the nasty media, and their desire to do dig up dirt. And look what it's done? A good man has committed suicide, all because of the media's invading eyes. And my husband had no idea what was going on; if he did, he would have done something. He was let down by the people around him. My husband's the most generous man I've ever met; he would never cheat anybody out of anything. It's not his fault. It's the media.

Does this strike anyone else as awful? I thought these CEO's were the macho, all-accountable heroes of the corporate world. Now, when there's real trouble, Ken Lay sticks his wife out there to take the heat and whine about the media's coverage? Puhleeeze.

And why did Meyers and NBC allow themselves to be used for such puffery and obfuscation? Is this supposed to be "balance."
I hope the American people are smart enough to se through this crapola.
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