Monday, January 28, 2002

Another Thing about the Lay Interview

Mrs. Lay said that the Lays were hoping to retire, but now work around the clock to avoid personal bankruptcy. I guess this is supposed to make us feel sorry for them. "I don't want to go bankrupt," she wept.

Hello? I thought CEO's were paid several times more than ordinary workers because they take on more risk than ordinary workers. As Rob Walker is fond of pointing out, most CEO's find ways to slither out of the downside of this risk. Ken Lay apparently hasn't completely done that. Too bad.

Never mind that bankruptcy for the Lay's probably means they'll have to settle for two retirement homes instead of three, while employees whose 401(K) collapsed may not get to send their kids to college.

Oh well, I guess the "embarassment" is embarrassing enough.

Can you tell I'm worked up about this? At least my ABC affiliate didn't preempt This Week for a 700 Club marathon.
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